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Resolution guide for SnapMirror/SnapVault issues in SnapCenter

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Applies to

  • SnapCenter Server (SC)
  • SnapCenter Plug-In for VMware (SCV)
  • SnapCenter Application Plug-Ins
    • SnapCenter Plug-In for SQL (SCSQL)
    • SnapCenter Plug-In for Exchange (SCE)
    • SnapCenter Plug-In for SAP HANA (SCSAP)
    • SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle (SCO)


Common issues with SnapMirror (SM) and SnapVault (SV) when using SnapCenter Plug-Ins

SnapCenter Plug-In for VMware
Cause Solution
Snapshot not found on the destination Increase SnapMirror timeout values in SCV
Replication skipped due to quiesce failure Disable VM consistency or exclude the failed VM
No SnapMirror relationships found Update peer configuration
Another transfer is in progress Increase the number of times SCV retries the relationship update
Relationship for source and destination volume is not healthy Modify retry and timeout parameters
Unable to find SnapVault destination for source volume Manually update the relationship in ONTAP
SnapCenter Application Plug-Ins
Cause Solution
Snapshot copy not found on destination Increase time SnapCenter waits for update to complete
Another transfer is in progress Increase update retry and timeout values
No SnapMirror relationships were found Ensure destination is reachable and resolvable
No SnapMirror relationships were found Add an SVM management LIF to the destination
Relationships in a MetroCluster are not discovered Set UseDestinationInfo parameter to false
Fan out replication (one volume to multiple) registers incorrect backup count Upgrade to fixed version of SnapCenter
No SnapVault destination found for SVM after ONTAP upgrade Remove resources without a SnapVault relationship from the resource group

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