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How to manually upload AutoSupport messages to NetApp in ONTAP 9

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • AutoSupport


  • For a small number of users, it might not be possible for AutoSupport messages to be sent automatically due to network connectivity limitations.
  • However, the AutoSupport data might be required for Technical Support to efficiently troubleshoot a system failure or to allow you the ability to view your systems' data using Active IQ.
  • For example, Upgrade Advisor requires the AutoSupport data to uploaded before creating the report.


Collection options  
Collect an existing AutoSupport
  1. Identify the sequence number of the AutoSupport messages you want to retransmit/collect.

::> system node autosupport history show -fields subject,generated-on -node <nodename>

  1. Retransmit all the required AutoSupport messages to local files in the root volume to get them into the archive file format (.7z):

::> system node autosupport history retransmit -node <nodename> -seq-num ### -uri file:///mroot/etc/log/retransmit/body.7z

Invoke a New AutoSupport
  1. This will provide the most current content

::> system node autosupport invoke -node <nodename> -type all -message "invoke.all" -uri file:///mroot/etc/log/retransmit/body.7z

Upload AutoSupport
  1. Use the HTTPS Web SPI interface to download the files


  1. Navigate to the Active IQ AutoSupport Upload page, click the Upload AutoSupport button, and choose the .7z  files you downloaded

Note: The filename must contain at least 1 alphabet letter. ex. a2000123456.7z

  1. The upload status will change to Success once it is completed

Manually upload AutoSupport messages in ONTAP 9


  • If uploading more than 1 file at a time. The files must be named differently.
  • It might take up to 120 minutes during weekends and peak processing hours.
Clean up the manual AutoSupport file

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