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OnCommand System Manager login/authentication issues

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OnCommand System Manager 


The common login or authentication issues that are reported with OnCommand System Manager (OCSM) are listed below:

  • Incorrect admin or password. Verify you have the right admin credentials to access the cluster.
  • Incorrect cluster management LIF used for opening OnCommand System Manager. The cluster management LIF is required to access OCSM, node management LIF will not work.
  • The cluster-management LIF should be pingable.
  • Incorrect privileges set for cluster management LIF. If this LIF does not have admin privileges, the login will not work.
  • For below issues, see article OnCommand System Manager 3.X Articles Re: System Manager Connection to 7-Mode Data Ontap
    • Incompatible version of Java and Browsers while accessing OCSM. The pre-requisite for accessing offbox OCSM is to have the correct Java and browser version. Java 7 without TLS is required for SM 3.1.x.  Java 8 with TLS option enabled is required for SM 3.1.2.
    • 500 connection refused error.
    • The system Web services are not up and running. Run the command:system service web show
  • No http/https access for the admin user. Run the command:security login show
  • Incomplete cluster setup (system service web show has a status 'unclustered', there is no cluster management lif, or nodename is "localhost"):
    Complete setup using the System Setup utility and then try to connect to the cluster using OnCommand System Manager.
  • System Manager doesn't load or doesn't load post upgrade due to ssl not being enabled.

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