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Flash Cache NVMe Offline - AutoSupport Message

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • callhome.nvme.offline:alert

Event Summary

  • This message occurs when a directly attached NVMe module goes offline.
  • When a module goes offline, it has either had a critical failure or is no longer reliable.
  • In either case, the card is no longer functioning properly and was taken offline.


Call home event

HA Group Notification from Node Name (Flash Cache NVMe Offline) ALERT

  • event log show -severity * -message-name callhome*

Sat Mar 12 13:12:12 +0100 [Node Name: gemini-notif-thread: callhome.nvme.exhausted:alert]: Callhome for Flash Cache NVMe Offline.

Command Line
  • system node run -node <node name> -command sysconfig 
	slot 1: Flash Cache NVMe
		Serial Number:      XXXXXXXX
		Part Number:        119-00329
		Hardware Revision:  A0
		Firmware Version:   NA03
		Firmware File:      X3311_S00005000NVM
		Model Name:         X3311A
		Capacity:           1024 GB
		State:              failed


  1. If firmware version of the device aforementioned is lower than NA03, it needs to be updated using How to update an offline NVMe Flash Cache.
  2. The solution might require a part replacement. Please contact NetApp Technical Support or log into the NetApp Support Site to create a case. Reference this article for further assistance.

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