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Active IQ Unified Manager upgrade resolution guide

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager
  • OnCommand Unified Manager

Unified Manager upgrade considerations

This resolution guide brings together information related to Unified Manager upgrades. 

Upgrade path for Unified Manager
How to upgrade Active IQ Unified Manager

What is the upgrade path for Active IQ Unified Manager versions?

Unified Manager upgrade steps from 7.2.x/7.3.x/9.4.x to 9.5 version


Upgrade Unified Manager as a VMWare Virtual Appliance (OVA)
Product Documentation: Upgrading Unified Manager on VMware Vsphere 
Before upgrading, create a snapshot of the Unified Manager Virtual Appliance
OVA upgrade ISO is not correctly mounted for UM upgrade
VMware Tools is not installed after upgrading Active IQ Unified Manager Virtual Machine (OVA)
Unified Manager vsphere virtual appliance hangs at the boot screen after upgrade
Active IQ Unified Manager virtual appliance upgrade fails with error: "Failed to Upgrade platform_base"
Upgrading Unified Manager on a Linux host 
 Backup the Unified Manager MYSQL Database (Linux)
Upgrading Open JDK on Unified Manager Linux host 
Upgrade of Unified Manager on Linux hosts fails due to missing dependency
Active IQ Unified Manager upgrade fails if the MySQL 8.0 Community repository is not installed
Active IQ Unified Manager services don't start after upgrade because of corrupted files
Upgrade Unified Manager on a Windows host 

Product Documentation: Upgrading Unified Manager on Windows Host

Backup MYSQL database on a Windows host

Active IQ Unified Manager services on Windows installations might fail to start after an upgrade



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