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What are the rules used by Upgrade Advisor in Active IQ Digital Advisor

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The new Upgrade Advisor in Active IQ Digital Advisor was rewritten in a new, more agile platform and aligns to the best practice of using Automated Non-Disruptive Upgrade (ANDU).

  • Plans are now created by numeric Functional Step rules, that are context/configuration sensitive as well as Warning and Upgrade Blocker (Error) rules that use the same rules infrastructure as the Wellness card risks, but are specifically focused on the upgrade workflow.
  • Upgrade Advisor logic depends on "WEEKLY_LOG" or "USER_TRIGGERED (ALL:" AutoSupport message.
    • AutoSupport messages are scanned within 10 minutes of receipt by Active IQ Digital Advisor. 
    • If you have already resolved an issue, but it is not reflected in the last "WEEKLY_LOG" or "USER_TRIGGERED (ALL:" AutoSupport message then you may see warnings about issues you have already addressed.
    • Some upgrade/validation functions may cause automatic USER_TRIGGERED Maintenance (MAINT) AutoSupport messages or sometimes a TEST AutoSupport is sent manually.
      • If this is the most recent message,  it may cause missing/partial Upgrade Advisor checks due to incomplete AutoSupport content. 
      • If this happens, Upgrade Advisor will provide an "Upgrade Blocker" error explaining the problem.
      • For a full scan, submit a new AutoSupport and wait 10 minutes. 
  • ANDU incorporates a number of upgrade of pre-checks and post-checks
    • Upgrade advisor will duplicate some, but not all of these checks.
    • Upgrade advisor will not provide generic guidance such as:  "run sysstat command to assess performance", or "check for active jobs" because these checks are already part of the cluster image validation prechecks. 
    • This helps you avoid having to run extra, unnecessary commands that manually duplicate work done by existing pre-validation scripts.
  • Obsolete checks such as "Verifying  that deduplicated volumes and aggregates contain sufficient free space" have been removed from Upgrade Advisor. 
    • For example the task above was made obsolete in ONTAP 9.1.


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