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What is a CloudTAM?

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What is a NetApp CloudTAM?

A NetApp CloudTAM is a customer aligned and designated cloud technical specialist to help you navigate and execute your hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

What does a NetApp CloudTAM do?

A NetApp CloudTAM advises, supports, drives, and advocates for customer success and increases speed and adoption of NetApp Cloud technology in an ever-evolving Hybrid Cloud world. This is all accomplished by providing the customer with some of the following items:

  • Reduce customer level of effort (i.e. make your life easier) and be the customer’s trusted NetApp Cloud advisor
  • Be the voice of the customer and bridge any gaps between the customer, NetApp, and Cloud Service Provider(s)
  • Conducting Customer Success meetings on a regular cadence
  • Customer Support case management
  • Routinely review install base license status, plan renewals, & expansions
  • Ensure the proper NetApp registration of newly installed systems
  • Proactively review, track, and help remediate system risks within Active IQ
  • Review CloudTAM reports containing actionable information from both NetApp & Cloud Service Provider(s)
  • Help educate customers on NetApp technology allowing for informed product decision making
  • Submit product Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) on the customer’s behalf

Why do you need a NetApp CloudTAM?

The NetApp CloudTAM provides value to any customer leveraging NetApp Cloud products.

Customers who benefit the most from the CloudTAM service are either establishing or already have established an all Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or multi-Cloud strategy.

These customers often benefit from additional support on this journey in the form of having a Cloud expert who can answer questions quickly, and drive resolutions to any problems that may slow the Cloud journey’s progression.

How can you get a NetApp CloudTAM?

The account team that you work with to purchase NetApp solutions is able to quote this service.

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