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What open source or free web servers are available to assist with system administration?

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HTTP web access


  • Several NetApp products may require an HTTP server to retrieve files for installation, setup, or configuration
    • This may include installing OS upgrades, system firmware, or other essential packages
  • These web servers are not owned or supported through NetApp
  • Other HTTP servers exist beyond these ones that you may wish to explore
Name Supported Platforms Link
HFS ~ HTTP File Server Windows
Apache Lounge Windows
Abyss Web Server Windows, Mac, or Linux
http-server Mac
Python HTTP
  • Windows, Mac, Or Linux
  • Python 2
  • Python3
  • Python 2.x: python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  • Python 3.x: python -m http.server


Additional Information

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (better know as IIS) - although neither "free" nor open-source - is often already readily available in most Windows environments. Be aware that you may need to add a MIME type like the following otherwise files that lack an extension, such as "kernel" used when netbooting, will not be served. This article on stackoverflow provides some useful information.
    • File name extension:  .
    • Mime type:  application/octet-stream
  • Also be aware that some server ports may already be in use by the OS, or administrative restrictions forbid access to privileged ports (1-1023). If that is your situation you will need to configure the web server to listen on another port (for example, 8080), and then remember to specify that port in the URL.
  • When specifying the host to connect to, it is often better to specify the IP address in the URL rather than the FQDN. This will help eliminate one source of connectivity problems (DNS reachability/name resolution).


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