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Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit install/upgrade Resolution Guide

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Applies to

  • Cloud Insights (CI)
  • Acquisition Unit (AU) installation / upgrade


This Resolution Guide is intended to provide guidance on known issues related to installation or upgrade of Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit (AU)

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Ensure the Acquisition Unit Host operating system meets minimum requirements

Acquisition Unit installation minimum requirements
Insufficient memory after AU upgrade Cloud Insights Acquisition Service on Linux host fails to start due to insufficient memory after AU upgrade

Special characters in proxy credentials not supported.

Failed to install acquisition unit in Cloud Insight due to proxy issues

Some proxies attempt to perform TLS/SSL inspection by impersonating Cloud Insights web sites with digital certificates not generated from NetApp.

Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit fails to connect for new install

Some firewalls may not allow the use of wildcard rules.

Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit install fails on Logging in to Cloud Insights

Java is used during AU installation

A security scan reveals an outdated version of Java installed on a Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit in the 3rd party directory

Cloud Insights and the Acquisition Unit are not able to make changes to the vault storing the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data collector passwords 

Cloud Insights data collectors polling error indicates the password cannot be decrypted after re-installing an Acquisition Unit
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