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FCP Adapter offline with extended status adapter down due to system

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • SAN
  • Fibre Channel Target Host Adapter


  • When running command fcp adapter show -node xxxx -adapter xx the following is observed:
  • Operational Status: offline
  • Error: show failed: Timeout while getting fabric information"
  • EMS / event log show has errors and alerts related to the adapter port
  • Adapter reinitialization fails (example):

[NODE-02: fct_tpd_thread_0: scsitarget.hwpfct.errorReset:notice]: An error was encountered in the FC target driver on Fibre Channel target adapter 5a. The adapter will be automatically reset to clear the Depletion of Driver MQ condition.
[NODE-02: fct_tpd_thread_0:]: STIO Adapter 5a resetting with 0 ITN and 0 commands to drain.
[NODE-02: nvmf_master_0: nvmf.spdk.err:debug]: fc_adm_api.c:1448 Hw port 0 already offline. err = 2
[NODE-02: fct_tpd_thread_0: scsitarget.hwpfct.initFailed:alert]: Initialization of adapter failed on Fibre Channel target adapter 5a.
[NODE-02: fct_tpd_thread_0: scsitarget.fct.port.offline:error]: Fibre Channel Target port 5a was taken operationally offline due to too many errors received by the FCT driver.
[NODE-02: fct_tpd_thread_0:]: STIO Adapter 5a reinitialization failed, saving RAS trace data.

  • IO WQE failure (example):

[NODE-02: fct_tpd_work_thread_0:]: STIO Adapter:5a IO WQE failure, Handle 0x0, Type 8, S_ID: 610601, VPI: 3, OX_ID: 18D, Status 0x3 Ext_Status 0x16


Follow the below steps to narrow down the issue

  • Identify initiator by using the S_ID (source ID)to correlate with respective entries in switch log or EMS log (via event log show or ActiveIQ AutoSupports)
  • Find the respective initiator login or switch log entry: [NODE-02: fct_tpd_work_thread_0: scsitarget.fct.portLogin:notice]: Login at target FC port: '5a' by initiator port: 'WWPN​​​​​' address 0xS_ID. The target virtual port is: 'NetApp FC Target Port (LPe32000) svm-NAME:NODE-02_fc_lif_1'.​​​
  • Verify all physical components of the connection end to end are are healthy, Identify reason and remedy factor causing aborts/resets resulting in messages.


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