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Boot loop PANIC during ONTAP upgrade on FAS8200

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One node in s boot loop PANIC after ONTAP upgrade. Example: 

Loading X86_64/freebsd/image2/kernel:0x200000/15730984 0x1100928/13882424 Entry at0xffffffff802dc810
Loading X86_64/freebsd/image2/platform.ko:0x1e3e000/4091008 0x2224c80/586888
Starting program at0xffffffff802dc810
NetApp Data ONTAP 9.5P17
cryptomod_fips: Crypto FIPS self-test:'Self-integrity' passed.
Tue Dec 21 08:54:32 2021 [nv2flash.restage.progress:NOTICE]: ReStage is not needed because the flash hasno data.
PANIC : Sanity check failed, armed: 1, disarmed: 0, is_armed: 0
version: 9.5P17: Wed May 12 16:45:25 EDT 2021
conf :x86_64.optimize
cpuid = 12
Uptime: 6s
ahcich0: AHCI reset done: devices=00000001
coredump: primary dumper is not yet registeredthis early during system initialization. A coredump will not be available at this time.
coredump: secondary dumper is not yetregistered this early during system initialization. A coredump will not be available at this time.
recursivePANIC: Sanity check failed, armed: 1, disarmed: 0, is_armed: 0
cpuid = 12
Uptime: 6s

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