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What are a savecore and nosavecore AFF and FAS platforms?

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Applies to

  • FAS Systems
  • AFF Systems
  • ONTAP 9


  • When a node panics, a core dump occurs.
  • The system creates a core dump file that technical support can use to troubleshoot the problem. 
  • The architectural method by which the core dump file is saved depends on the NetApp AFF or FAS storage system model:
    • SaveCore (also known as "savecore" or "save core")
    • NoSaveCore (also known as "nosavecore" or "no save core").
  • The following table outlines the differences between these two core dump saving architectures:
SaveCore Platform Attributes NoSaveCore Platform Attributes
Node root aggregate and node root volume are a larger size in order to store core dump files. Node root aggregate and node root volume are smaller, since core dump files are not saved to the node's root volume.
Cores are dumped to a spare disk (or sprayed across multiple spare disks) at the time of the panic. Cores are dumped to a partition on the boot device (or a dedicated core dump device).
After a node reboots, the core file is saved to the root volume. The core dump in the boot device is considered "saved" when it is dumped.


  • The following table shows each platform model's core saving architecture:
SaveCore Platforms NoSaveCore Platforms
AFF A200 AFF A220, AFF C190
AFF A300 AFF A250
AFF A700 (without the X9170A core dump device installed at system setup) AFF A320
AFF A700s AFF A400
AFF8020, AFF8040, AFF8060, AFF 8080 AFF A700 (with the X9170A core dump device installed at system setup)
FAS2520, FAS2552, FAS2554 AFF A800
FAS2620, FAS2650 AFF A900
FAS8020, FAS8040, FAS8060, FAS8080 EX FAS2720, FAS2750
FAS8200 FAS500f
FAS9000 FAS8300, FAS8700



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