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How to configure A700 systems with X9170A core dump device

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Applies to

  • AFF A700
  • ASA AFF A700
  • ONTAP 9.8 and later
  •  X9170A 1TB core dump device


Starting with ONTAP 9.8, support for the X9170A core dump device module was introduced for the AFF A700 and ASA AFF A700 models when supporting NVMe storage shelves (NS224). When the core dump device is installed:

  • ONTAP core dumps are saved to the core dump device, instead of the node's root volume. 
  • When this module is inserted into slot 6-1 prior to system setup, the requirements for root aggregate and root volume sizes are reduced as follows:
  A700 with X9170A A700 without X9170A
Minimum Root Volume 150 GiB 962 GiB
Minimum Root Aggregate 187 GiB 1194 GiB
Newly Ordered Systems

By default, when AFF A700 and ASA AFF A700 models are ordered with ONTAP 9.8 or later in NetApp's Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application, the X9170A core dump device module is included and installed in slot 6-1 of each controller.  However, A700 models ordered in the NetApp QuoteEdge application will not include the X9170A core dump device module.

  • The initial configuration of the HA pair will utilize the lower root aggregate requirement during system initialization, as outlined in Hardware Universe.


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