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How to determine the disk firmware version and verify it is up to date ?

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Disk drives for all FAS/AFF 


How to determine the disk firmware?

To determine the current disk firmware version of the drive, you need to view the output of the

> sysconfig -a
00.23: NETAPP X306_HMRKP02TSSM NA00 1695.4GB 512B/sect (P6J3W15X)
01.0 : NETAPP X477_HAKPE04TA07 NA00 3807.8GB 520B/sect (K4GUJWWB)
In this example, the firmware version is NA00. Note that the drives might have
different firmware versions.
You could retrieve this information from the AutoSupport section with the same name (sysconfig-a) too.
How to verify it is up to date?

1. Use a web browser to go to the NetApp Support Site at
2. Click Software in the Download section.
3. Select Firmware > Disk Drive & Firmware Matrix.
4. When the Disk Drive & Firmware Matrix page appears, click the link to the firmware revision needed for drives attached to your system.
5. Compare the output from the AutoSupport with the output of the Firmware Matrix.

Additional Information

Also, it is possible to determine the disk firmware in the cluster shell:

::> storage disk show -fields firmware-revision


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