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How do I check if a system can physically recognize a boot device from LOADER

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Applies to

  • AFF Models
  • FAS Models


1. The system must be at the LOADER prompt.  Follow How to get to the LOADER prompt Resolution Guide.

  • In a AFF A400,FAS8300 or FAS8700 system, the LOADER is loaded from the boot device. 
    • Follow the Step 3 at Replace the boot media documentation (or the equivalent to the platform with the issue), to get to the LOADER and be able to check if the boot device is reported, using an external USB boot device.

2. Display the local devices:

  • For most systems - LOADER-A> show devices -a
  • If that format produces an error, enter without the -a parameter - LOADER-A> show devices

3. The output will look similar to the following:

Device Name  Description
-----------  ---------------------------------------------------------
eficons0a     EFI Console
uart0         NS16550 UART at 0x3F8
kcs0a         KCS at 0xca3 (command) and 0xca2 (data)
clock0a       ISA RTC at 0x70 (index) and 0x71 (target)
rd0.0         Raw disk 0 (AHCI:Micron_5100_M123456789), Capacity: 457862 MB
r0a.0         r0a.0 raw disk alias device
r0a.1         r0a.1 raw disk alias device
hd0.0         DATA_ONTAP, Capacity: 16367 MB Free: 12777 MB
u0a.0         DATA_ONTAP, Capacity: 16367 MB Free: 12777 MB
hd0.1         DATA_ONTAP, Capacity: 16367 MB Free: 9220 MB
u0a.1         DATA_ONTAP, Capacity: 16367 MB Free: 9220 MB
boot0         u0a.0 alias boot device
boot_i        u0a.0 alias boot device
boot1         u0a.1 alias boot device
e0M           Intel I210 Gigabit Network Connection (D0-39-EA-32-CC-D2)
e0S           Intel I210 Gigabit Network Connection (D0-39-EA-32-CC-D3)

4. Use the following table to identify the boot device by platform.

Model Sample Device Name and Description
  • AFF A250
  • FAS500F
  • rd0.0         Raw disk 0 (AHCI:SHM2S86Q120GLM22NP), Capacity: 114473 MB
  • AFF A320, AFF A800, and AFF A900
  • FAS9500
  • rd0.0         Raw disk 0 (NVME:0X331111900329B0SAM000PM9830001T00025000), Capacity: 915715 MB
  • AFF A400
  • FAS8300 and FAS8700
  • rd0.0         Raw disk 0 (AHCI:Micron_5100_MTFDDAV480TCB), Capacity: 457862 MB
  • AFF A200, AFF A220, AFF A300, AFF C190, and AFF A700
  • FAS2620, FAS2650, FAS2720, FAS2750, FAS8200, and FAS9000
  • rd0.0         Raw disk 1 (AHCI:ATP SATA III mSATA AF120GSMHI-NT2), Capacity: 114473 MB


  • rd0.0         Raw disk 1 (AHCI:SR9MST6240GRT51NP), Capacity: 228936 MB
  • AFF A700s
  • rd0.0         Raw disk 0 (NVME:SAMSUNG MZVLW128HEGR-00000), Capacity: 122104 MB
  • rd1.0         Raw disk 1 (NVME:SAMSUNG MZVLW128HEGR-00000), Capacity: 122104 MB
  • Note:  there are two boot devices
  • FAS/AFF8020, FAS/AFF8040, FAS/AFF8060, FAS8080 EX, and AFF8080 EX
  • u0a.0         DATA_ONTAP (MICRON eUSB DISK), Capacity: 7147 MB Free: 6490 MB
  • FAS2554, FAS2552, FAS2520
  • u0a.0         MICRON eUSB DISK-(USB 2.0)

Note: If the boot device is either missing or suspect as broken, it will not show in this list.  Continue with replacing the boot device.


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