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What is in the scope of NetApp Technical Support

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Applies to

  • All NetApp Products 
  • NetApp Technical Support 
  • EOVS - End of version support
  • EOS - End of Support
  • Self Service
  • No active contract 


  • I need to setup/configure the storage and require assistance from Technical Support.

Support is a break fix team; you need to work with NetApp Professional Services (PS)

  • Will Support help me for a issue with a NetApp product?

Yes, if you are running a supported version, a supported configuration and have active support entitlement on the serial number

  • My installed version is End of Support, but my contract is still active, can I get support ?

You will be supported on best effort basis only for P1 cases.

  • If a software release has reached EOVS, technical support will only help with an upgrade to a supported release, within the boundaries of the support entitlements. Any other issues encountered may be revisited if the customer elects to upgrade and the issue continues to be observed after upgrade to a supported release.
  • If the issue is related to the current installed release that has reached EOVS, engineering will not engage to provide escalation assistance or a fix.
  • please see Software Version Support doc for more info.
  • What is best effort based support?

NetApp Technical Support engineers will help as much as they can; however, Engineering engagement is not possible.

  • I am renewing my contract, can you support on a P1 situation?

Please consult with your NetApp Account Team on the possibilities.

  • I will pay for one-time support, how can we get started?

If you are on supported software version, Please reach out to CSIB team to proceed further.

  • My system performance was better with other Vendor Storage, but its not working at par with NetApp.

Two vendor systems cannot be compared, as they are designed differently; Support team will do their best to help you if performance is degraded, however if you want to size the environment to suit your requirement, please work with the SE team to size your system properly.

  • I have an active contract, why wont you support me?

If any of the above mentioned conditions come into play, you must contact the respective teams to seek help.


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