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What is AutoSupport and why should it be enabled?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager
  • StorageGRID
  • E-Series
  • OnCommand Insight
  • SolidFire


What is AutoSupport?

AutoSupport data is one of the most important troubleshooting tools for efficient resolution of technical support cases from our customers.

  • It is a telemetry mechanism that proactively monitors the health of your system and automatically sends configuration, status, performance, and system events data to NetApp.
  • This data is used by NetApp Technical Support to speed the diagnosis and resolution of issues, and by Digital Advisor to proactively detect and avoid potential issues.
  • AutoSupport data can also be sent to your internal support organization and a support partner.
Why should AutoSupport Be Enabled?

Enabling AutoSupport empowers your organization to maximize the return on its NetApp investment by uncovering risk factors before they become problems and enabling faster resolution in the event of a technical issue. It is strongly encouraged to enable AutoSupport over HTTPS for all NetApp systems.

Below are some additional reasons to enable AutoSupport:

Access to Digital Advisor
  • Digital Advisor leverages predictive analytics and community wisdom from NetApp’s massive installed base to support the proactive care and optimization of ONTAP environments.
  • Digital Advisor's continuous risk assessments, predictive alerts, prescriptive guidance, and automated actions help you prevent problems before they occur, leading to improved system health and higher system availability.
Faster issue resolution
  • The support detail provided by AutoSupport enables you and NetApp to promptly resolve issues and ensures that impact to your business is minimized if something unexpected happens.
  • AutoSupport can exponentially reduce the time required to restore service availability and your own OPEX associated with working with and getting details of an issue to support.
Quality issue awareness
  • Should any software quality issue arise; NetApp can successfully make you aware of the issue utilizing a targeted support bulletin
  • While all support bulletins can be found on the NetApp knowledge base, AutoSupport visibility is a pre-requisite for targeted communications, and to ensure the information being sent is relevant to you.
Automated Response
  • If AutoSupport information has actionable information, some messages may result in a proactive technical case creation.
  • An example would be cases where a drive has failed, the model and location are known, and it can be reasonably expected that a replacement can occur onsite promptly with minimal customer/support interaction.


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