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What is supported with NetApp HCI and VMware ESX version 8.0 and beyond?

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Applies to

  • NetApp HCI
  • VMware ESXi 8.0+
  • VMware vSphere 8.0+


As of 29-June-2023, the following is true.   Please refer back to this KB for any updates.

  • Customers can upgrade to ESXi 8.0 but it will be a manual process and the official VMware documentation should be followed
    • NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE) does not support vSphere 8 and there is no plan to update NDE in the future to change that
    • Running version 8+ will put the compute nodes outside of VMware Compatibility
    • At this time, NetApp SolidFire hardware is not supported with ESXi 8.0+. Please check the NetApp IMT for future changes on this
  • Once at vSphere version 8.0+, NDE scale cannot be used to add or remove nodes from the cluster
  • HCC and SolidFire Active IQ reporting may be impacted by upgrading to vSphere 8.0+
  • Driver firmware compatibility: 
    • H410C, H610C and H615C are supported with NIC driver (comes with ESX 8) and 14.29.1016 firmware
    • No additional driver releases are planned from NetApp
  • VMware has announced the deprecation of legacy BIOS support in vSphere 
    • Note that HCI does not support UFEI boot mode.  This should be taken into consideration with future vSphere releases
  • There will be no HCI development by NetApp Engineering unless it is related to critical bug or security fixes


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