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What does the Solidfire VASA Provider do?

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Applies to

  • Solidfire Element OS 
  • VASA Provider (VP)


  • The VASA Provider  runs on all SF cluster nodes and logs to /var/log/ The VP is responsible for translating VASA requests into zero or more SF API calls to perform various actions like creating and deleting virtual volumes. Only the VP on the CM node actively processes VASA requests from vSphere.
  • VASA requests are sent by ESX hosts and vCenter servers to the VP on the CM using SOAP protocol. The VASA requests and responses are logged to An ESX host or vCenter server must create a VASA session with the VP before making VVol-related requests. VASA sessions are created using the setContext VASA request.

Additional Information

The Service: sfvasa Provider provides monitoring and management of vVols from VMware, vVols will continue to work even without it.  If the sfvasa provider is not working you will not be able to manage (add, delete or modify) vVols from v-Center.  


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