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Element Node Offline after network maintenance

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NetApp Element software


  • The following errors are observed in NetApp SolidFire Active IQ under Reporting > Error Log
    • unresponsiveService: A block service is not responding.
    • blockServiceUnhealthy: A block service is unhealthy and SolidFire is attempting to migrate data away from it.
    • driveAvailable: Node ID * has * available drive(s).
    • blocksDegraded: Only a single complete copy of the block data is accessible. Restore any offline nodes or block services or contact support for assistance.
    • volumesDegraded: Local replication and synchronization of the following volumes is in progress. Progress of the synchronization can be seen in the Running Tasks window. [*,*,*,*...]
  • The following error is observed in NetApp SolidFire Active IQ under Reporting > Events:

Message: iSCSI session socket error count: [X] exceeds limit of 10 every 60 minutes, potential causes: network problems, node problems, host crash, etc.

  • SFP or cable is working normally.
  • Storage Node Management network interface card (NIC) is working.
  • No NIC Hardware Failures on the Storage Node.
  • Restarting the Network Services from the Node UI did not resolve the issue.
    • https://<node-MIP>:442 got to System Utilities and choose Restart Network Services

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