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How to Identify the Serial Number of an ONTAP Platform?

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Applies to

  • AFF Systems
  • ASA Systems
  • FAS Systems


This article provides the steps to identify the serial number of an ONTAP platform, using both command line and System Manager.


System Manager
  1. Go to the System Manager Dashboard page
  2. Hover over the desired node to check the serial number


Command Line
  1. For cluster wide serial numbers, run  System Controller Show  from the command line

::> system controller show
Controller Name           System ID     Serial Number     Model    Status
------------------------- ------------- ----------------- -------- -----------
NetAppA                  5xxxxxxxx     7xxxxxxxxxxx      AFF-A250 ok
NetAppB                  5xxxxxxxx     7xxxxxxxxxxx      AFF-A250 ok

  1. For a more detailed view of an individual node, run system node show -node <node name> from the command line

::> node show -node NetAppB

                                              Node: NetAppB
                                             Owner: NetAppuser
                                          Location: rtp
                                             Model: AFF-A250
                                     Serial Number: 7xxxxxxxxxxx
                                         Asset Tag: -
                                            Uptime: 413 days 21:50
                                   NVRAM System ID: 5xxxxxxxx
                                         System ID: 05xxxxxxxx
                                            Vendor: NetApp
                                            Health: true
                                       Eligibility: true
                           Differentiated Services: false
                               All-Flash Optimized: true
                                Capacity Optimized: false
                                     QLC Optimized: false
                        All-Flash Select Optimized: false
                     SAS2/SAS3 Mixed Stack Support: none


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