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Correctable memory error FAQ

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Applies to

  • AFF
  • FAS
  • ASA


Does the DIMM need to be replaced?

  • Yes, if ONTAP (using Dynamic memory algorithm) sends a notification for an excessive correctable memory issue the memory should be replaced as soon as possible.

Is the replacement disruptive?

  • No, the memory is replaced performing takeover and giveback.

How urgent is the replacement?

  • NetApp recommends replacing the DIMM at the earliest scheduled opportunity.

How do I check the status of the RMA or Engineer?

What is the procedure to replace the DIMM?

  • The guides for your platform can be found here. Select your platform, then DIMM from the Maintain section.
Platform Replacement Procedure
AFF C190
AFF A200 / FAS2600
AFF A220 / FAS2700
A250 / FAS500f
AFF A300 / FAS8200
AFF A320
AFF A400 / FAS8300 / FAS8700
AFF A700 / FAS9000
AFF A800
AFF/FAS 80xx series

How long will the replacement take?

  • Depending on platform the replacement might take up to 2 hours excluding prior preparations.

What steps should be done on the system in advance of the replacement?

  • A takeover of the node where the memory needs to be replaced can be performed.
  • For a 2-node MetroCluster, a switchover will be required.

Which DIMM needs to be replaced?

  • The defective DIMM is called out in the case symptom
  • It can be verified using the memory dimm show command

What is the impact of leaving the identified DIMM in the system?

  • The DIMM is degraded and might result in an unexpected disruption of the node.


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