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What are ONTAP giveback vetos

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9


If giveback is vetoed, you must check the EMS messages to determine the cause. Depending on the reason or reasons, you can decide whether you can safely override the vetoes.

The storage failover show-giveback command displays the giveback progress and shows which subsystem vetoed the giveback, if any. Soft vetoes can be overridden, while hard vetoes cannot be, even if forced. 

You can review the EMS details for any giveback vetoes by using the following command:

event log show -node * -event gb*


The following is a list of some common vetos reported by ONTAP:

Veto Name


Autosupport (autosupport)

(Root Aggregate only)

This veto protects the AutoSupport collection performed by the surviving node on behalf of the downed node. 


Core Dump (coredump)

(Root Aggregate only)

When a hardware or software failure casues an ONTAP panic event, a core dump is stored in predetermed locations on disk.  The core dump file contains the contents of memory and NVRAM.  The Core Dump process saves the data into a single file which can be uploaded for analysis. 

This veto means the takeover host is saving a core dump to a file.

Disk Inventory (disk_inventory)


This veto occurs when one of the nodes in a high-availability (HA) pair reports that multiple disks in the disk inventory do not match what the partner node reported. This only occurs when sufficient mismatches have occurred to throttle the specific disk inventory mismatch message.

The veto might be due to one of following reasons:

  1. One node can see disks that the other node cannot.

  2. Ownership of multiple disks has changed.

  3. Multiple disks have been failed or unfailed.

  4. Multiple disks have been inserted or removed.

Dump / Restore (dump)


This veto occurs if an NDMP backup or restore is in progress on the volume belonging to the aggregate being relocated or sent home.  

A third party backup application would initiate backup/restore using NDMP protocol. The backup/restore are NOT checkpoint-restartable - they will neither be restarted automatically nor can they be restarted using any ONTAP commands. The operations will have to be restarted afresh using third party backup applications that initially triggered the operation.

Key Manager (keymanager)


This veto occurs unavailability of volume encryption keys for the encrypted volumes of the aggregate on the partner node.


Lock Manager (lock_manager)

During a giveback, ONTAP will revoke CIFS oplocks, NFSv4 delegations and Flexcache read-only delegations.  this veto indicates the process is ongoing.


RAID (raid)


This veto indicates there is a RAID operation still in progress such as:

  1. Disk ownership reassign

  2. Disk add operation

  3. Mirror verify

  4. Mirror resync

  5. Pending NVFile

For troubleshooting the cause of a veto, see Why is the giveback of an ONTAP aggregate vetoed?

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