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Can we improve Wafliron performance?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Wafliron


WARNING: Manually increasing the WAFL scan speed value to a high value can cause a significant performance impact to data production.  Only change it with the direction of NetApp Technical Support.

WAFL scan speed:

  • Controlled by the nodeshell command wafl scan speed
  • By default, is automatically tuned by ONTAP based on available system resources. 
  • Affects the CPU time allocated for file system scanning.
  • Higher values will negatively impact performance.
  • Does not impact Phase 1 mounting time.


Changing WAFL scan speed

  1. Check current speed if desired:

::> set advanced
::*> run local wafl scan speed       
WAFL scan speed is 1300

  1. Set speed to 2000 and monitor:

::> set advanced
::*> run local wafl scan speed 2000  
::*> run local wafl scan speed
WAFL scan speed is 2000

  1. If further increases are needed, do so in increments of 5%.   
  2. When Wafliron has completed, reset scan speed to automatic tuning:

::> set advanced
::*> run local wafl scan speed 0    
::*> run local wafl scan speed
WAFL scan speed is 1300

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