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NetApp Knowledge Base BootmediaWarnAlert mSATA

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Applies to

  • AFF A700
  • AFF A400
  • AFF A300
  • AFF A250
  • AFF A200 series
  • AFF C190
  • FAS9000
  • FAS8700
  • FAS8300
  • FAS8200
  • FAS500f
  • FAS2750
  • FAS2720
  • FAS2650
  • FAS2620


  • EMS reports BootmediaWarnAlert.

[Node A: mgwd:]: Call home for Health Monitor process nphm: BootmediaWarnAlert[mSATA (Micron 5100 MTFDDAV480TCB)].

  • The command "system health alert show" produces the following:

Node     cluster1-01
Monitor              controller
Alert ID BootmediaWarnAlert
Alerting Resource           mSATA (Micron 5100)
Subsystem         Motherboard
Indication Time Thu Nov 18 06:05:26 2021
Perceived Severity          Major
Probable Cause hardware_degrading
Description        Boot device is wearing out due to write operations in the form of regular updates.
Corrective Actions          1. Contact technical support to obtain a new boot device.
2. If possible, perform a takeover of this node and bring the node down for maintenance.
3. Refer to the "Boot media replacement guide for your given hardware platform" to replace the boot device.
4. Update the boot device with the appropriate Data ONTAP version.
5. Bring the storage system online.

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