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Is it allowed to mix of multiple capacities of the same drive type in internal shelf

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • AFF A150
  • AFF A250
  • ASA A150
  • ASA A250
  • AFF C250
  • FAS2720
  • FAS2750
  • FAS2820


No, it is allowed.
Mixing of HDD + HDD or SSD + SSD is allowed only for drives with same drive part numbers
  1. User cannot choose multiple capacities of the same drive type within a single shelf
    1. ex. DS212C/DS460 does not allow 4TB and 10TB in the same chassis
    2. ex. DS224C does not allow 1.2TB and 1.8TB in the same chassis
    3. ex. NS224 does not allow 3.8TB and 7.6TB within the same chassis
  2. Mixing of HDD + SSD or SSD + HDD is allowed in FAS, but the minimum drive count needs to be maintained.
    1. For FAS2820, the minimum required drives are 12, allowing various combinations of HDD and SSD packs.
    2. FAS2720 has similar rules to FAS2820, allowing any combination of HDD and SSD packs as long as the total count is 12.
    3. FAS2750 has a minimum drive count of 12, despite having 24 slots available. e. Maximum drive limits will depend on the shelf type.

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