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How to upgrade or downgrade Brocade switch firmware

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Applies to

  • SAN
  • Brocade Fibre Channel switches
  • FlexPod


Upgrading/downgrading firmware on a Brocade switch.


This procedure does not apply to fabric-attached MetroCluster.


  • This procedure requires an FTP service running on a Windows or UNIX workstation. Microsoft IIS is tested and supported by Brocade.
  • For older versions of Fabric OS, a stepped upgrade may be required. See the Brocade Fabric OS Target Path Selection Guide.  


v7.4.x —> v8.0.x —> v8.1.x

  1. How to obtain Brocade Fabric OS from NetApp
  2. Backup the configuration via the configupload command and collecting a supportsave.
  3. Upgrade the switch using one of the below mentioned methods, using SANnav or CLI- 
    1. Using SANnav, refer- Upgrading Brocade switch using SANnav
    2. Using CLI/SSH , follow the below steps:
      1. Verify that the workstation can ping the Brocade switch
      2. Locate the extracted firmware directory structure in ftproot
      3. Run the firmwaredownload command on the brocade switch. Firmware update can be done through the CLI or the web interface
      4. Provide the workstation IP address
      5. Login as anonymous or a valid FTP user
      6. Provide the path to the firmware directory relative to the ftproot and type release.plist.


For v8.4.0, the path is as follows:  fw/v8.4.0/release.plist

Note: The release.plist file is not listed in the root of the firmware directory (/fw/v8.4.0), but the firmware will use the appropriate release.plist file in the child directory, based on its switch type.


  1. Switch will update the secondary firmware, reboot, update the primary, then reboot for the final time.
  2. Once completed, confirm by typing version and firmwareshow.

Additional Information

  • For Director switches before upgrade need to make sure that HA sync is in state.
  • Below commands can be run to check the HA status.
    • hashow
    • slotshow -m
    • chassisshow
    • haredundancy –show
  • To check if TruFOS certificate can be bypassed while performing an upgrade refer to below Broadcom link.

Ref doc : Support for Brocade TruFOS Certificates in Various Fabric OS Upgrade and Download Scenarios

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