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SnapCenter Plug-In for Exchange (SCE)


SnapCenter Plug-In for Exchange backups fail with the error VSS_E_HOLD_WRITES_TIMEOUT

Cause Resolution
SnapCenter backs up too many databases at once Reduce databases per backup set
Failed Exchange VSS Writer Clear failed VSS writer status
Backups timeout due to ONTAP performance Monitor I/O over time in Data ONTAP
Backups timeout due to Exchange performance Check for performance bottlenecks
VSS or NTFS drivers are out of date Update storage drivers
Ontap takes more than 9-10 seconds to create snapshots Check the Internal Only section of this Article.

Additional Information

Parent topic: Resolution guide for SCE backup failures

Example 10 seconds ZAPI call to create a snapshot:

00000020.00ae43e8 ab00a0b Sun Apr 16 2023 18:45:37 +02:00 [kern_audit:info:2502] 1234a9000012aa01 :: ncchzrh40:ontapi :: host:domain\snapuser1 :: <netapp version='1.7' xmlns='' vfiler='ncv00292ps'><snapshot-multicreate>^M   <snapshot>{2f47e9b0-8628-4c9a-a831-000000000000}</snapshot>^M   <volume-names>^M     <volume-name>vol1</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol2</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol3</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol4</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol5</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol6</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol7</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol8</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol9</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol10</volume-name>^M     <volume-name>vol11</... :: Pending:
00000020.00ae440a ab00a0bc Sun Apr 16 2023 18:45:47 +02:00 [kern_audit:info:2502] 1234a9000012aa01:: ncchzrh40:ontapi :: :: host:domain\snapuser1 :: snapshot-multicreate :: Success:

Note: See this article for more possible causes and troublesooting.


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