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Active IQ Unified Manager database backup and restore resolution guide

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager
  • OnCommand Unified Manager
  • Database backup 
  • Database restore
  • Database Migration

Backup and Restore

This resolution guide provides information related to Unified Manager backup functionality, creation, scheduling, migrating and restoring. 

How Unified Manager full and incremental backup works
How do Active IQ Unified Manager incremental backups work?
How do Full Backup and Incremental Backup Schedules work in Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7 and later?
How to start a new incremental backup chain within Active IQ Unified Manager versions 7.2 through 9.6


Create Unified Manager Server database Backup
On Demand Backup in user interface

Backup Unified Manager Virtaul Machine (OVA)

  • Use hypervisor snapshots of the OVA virtual machine.
How to create a MYSQL Database dump backup for Windows and Linux hosts


Collect the Unified Manager backup file (all hosts)
How to collect Unified Manager backup file


Restore Unified Manager Database backups
What platform or version limitations are there when restoring an Active IQ Unified Manager backup?
How to restore a Unified Manager backup on a Windows host
Restore Unified Manager Backup on a Linux host

Restore a Unified Manager Virtual Machine snapshot (OVA)

  • Restore the hypervisor OVA virtual machine snapshot.
Migrate a Unified Manager database
What are the supported migration scenarios for Active IQ Unified Manager?
Migrating a Unified Manager database from a Virtual appliance to Linux host
How to migrate and restore a MYSQL backup file onto a Unified Manager 9.9 (or newer) Virtual Machine Server
How to migrate a Linux or OVA backup onto a Virtual Machine for restore in Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8 or older
Known Unified Manager backup and restore issues 
OnCommand Unified Manager backup failing with "Error Occured while creating backup archive /data/ocum-backup/databasedumps-repo/ocum_mysql_full_backup.sql.7z"
Unable to take backup in ActiveIQ Unified Manager due to Access denied for user 'jboss'@'localhost'
Previous version backups are not showing in GUI after the AIQUM upgrade

Review the space requirements for backups.



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