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AFF A700s showing invalid serial number after upgrading ONTAP to 9.8X

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Applies to

  • AFF A700s
  • ONTAP 9
  • BMC 1.89 and earlier


  • Controller SN shows invalid value after ONTAP upgrade

NetApp Release 9.8P5: Thu Jun 10 17:54:59 EDT 2021
    System ID: 0537XXXXXX (node-01); partner ID: 0537XXXXXX (node-02)
    System Serial Number: 987654-32-0 (node-01)

  • The below alert will be shown in the EMS logs 

Tue Nov 16 19:52:58 +0000 [node-01: rc: kern_syslog_msg_1:notice]: params: {'msg': 'Setting /etc/serialnum 
to the hardware serial number: 987654-32-0. The old value was: 94191XXXXXXX. See the na_serialnum(5) man page.
','vfilerName': ''}
Tue Nov 16 19:52:58 +0000 [node-01: rc: mgr.boot.disk_done:info]: NetApp Release 9.8P5 boot complete.
Last disk update written at Tue Nov 16 19:52:45 GMT 2021

  • The serial number  does not show any value

::> node show -fields serialnumber
node       serialnumber
---------- ------------
NetApp A    900000000000
NetApp B                 <--No serial number displayed
2 entries were displayed.
  • The output of system fru show 0 from the BMC will show the correct SN under Asset Tag

FRU 0: Controller_FRU
Mfg Name : NetApp, Inc.
Product Name : AFF-A700s
Product ParNum : 1A42FPE00
Product SerNum : XXXXXXXX
Version : E6
Asset Tag : 94191XXXXXXX
FRU File ID : 536980146
Custom : MAC0:00:A0:XX:XX:XX:XX;



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