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What are the commands available from the LOADER prompt?

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Applies to

  • FAS Systems
  • AFF Systems


From the LOADER> prompt of FAS/AFF systems, there are a few low level commands available tor various actions.

These commands can be used for various troubleshooting, system servicing, and updates as required.

There are also admin and advanced level commands as shown.

LOADER> help
Available commands:

netboot             Boots the supplied URL off the network.
boot_diags          Boots the diagnostic image off of the boot device.
boot_backup         Boots the backup image of Data ONTAP off of the boot device.
boot_primary        Boots the primary image of Data ONTAP off of the boot device.
boot_ontap          Boots the correct image of Data ONTAP
update_flash        Updates the boot flash with the firmware image on the boot device.
flash               Update a flash memory device
sp status           Show the Service Processor Network Settings
sp setup            Interactively configure a Service Processor
fc                  Compare two files from boot media in binary mode. This commandwill not work with network protocol.
decryption          Decryption File to the disk by input key and data files
encryption          Encryption File to the disk by input key and data files
create_file         Create Encryption Key File or Random Data File command
tar                 Extract zipped files in the .tgz or .zip format.
version             Print the firmware version
bye                 Reset the system.
set date            Set current date
set time            Set current time
set console         Change the active console device
lsmod               Per-file metadata.
autoboot            Automatic system bootstrap.
go                  Start a previously loaded program.
boot_recovery       Boots a recovery image of Data ONTAP off of backup boot media.
If not present there, it will boot from the USB device
boot                Load an executable file into memory and execute it
load                Load an executable file into memory without executing it
ndp                 Display or modify the NDP Table(IPv6 only)
ping                Ping a remote IP host.
arp                 Display or modify the ARP Table
ifconfig            Configure the Ethernet interface
show date           Display current time according to RTC
show time           Display current time according to RTC
show devices        Display information about the installed devices.
savenv              Save the environmental variables.
saveenv             Save the environmental variables.
unsetenv            Delete an environment variable.
set-defaults        Reset all system environmental variables to default values.
setenv              Set an environment variable.
printenv            Display the environment variables
undi                UNDI driver diagnostic command
help                Obtain help for loader commands

For more information about a command, enter 'help command-name'

Additional advanced level commands. Note that all of the above admin level commands are included as well:

LOADER> priv set advanced

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by support personnel.

LOADER*> help
Available commands:

flashinfo           Display flash hardware information, such as the Device ID, Size, and Organization of the flash hardware.

wrmsr               Write Model Specific Registers
rdmsr               Read Model Specific Registers
cpuid               Read processor information
test timer          Test the timer
test disk           Do a disk test, read/write sectors on the raw disk. Test also outputs performance (in terms of Mbps) of disk. Make sure the device name is of the format rd*.* (for e.g., rd0.0)
setvar              Blacklist a public certificate
fru read            Read and print all FRU data in a formatted matter
sp led              SP LED commands via IPMI
sp events           Print SP SEL events
sp seladd           Add a SP SEL entry
sp sel              SP SEL commands
sp kcs              Send an IPMI command to the Service Processor
sp reset            Perform hardware reset of the Service Processor
sp reboot           Reboots the Service Processor
securityerase       Security erase an ATA drive
rawwrite            Write a raw device.  Either a source file (-s) or format zeros (-f) must be specified.  If the byte count (-c) is not set or is 0, then it is set to the disk size.  If the source file is smaller than the byte count, then it will not be  repeated to fill the byte count unless the repeat flag (-r) is set.

rawread             Read a raw device
ramdisk create      Creates a ramdisk and format's it with FAT file System
dir                 List a FAT file system
gpio write          Write a GPIO pin value
gpio read           Read a GPIO pin value
platform info       Display platform information
disk pattern        Create buffer pattern for disk write
disk write          Write N bytes of pattern from buffer to Raw disk starting at offset
The default pattern is a loop of 8 bit
disk read           Read N bytes from Raw disk at offset
destage active      Perform destage process
destage cb_info     Display Control Block Information
supportfpga read    Read support FPGA registers
supportfpga write   Write support FPGA Counter Agent registers
supportfpga version Display support FPGA version
bios status         Display BIOS status and error
siobase             Set SuperIO base register. By default, the base is at 0x2E
siowrite            Write SuperIO register
sioread             Read SuperIO register
testharness         The test harness provides a means to inject specific error conditions during system boot
NOTE: Test harness is not designed to inject real hardware errors

smbus write         Write bytes to a SMBus slave
smbus read          Read bytes from a SMBus slave
led status          Display the status of the LEDs.
pelog               Platform error log
mptdump             Dump the MP table
md5sum              Compute an MD5SUM of a file
type                Dump the content of a file
run                 Retrieve and execute a set of command.
loop                Loop a command
cmos restore        Restore contents of CMOS data area from a file.
cmos copy           Copy contents of CMOS data area to a file.
cmos clear          Clear contents of CMOS data area
cmos write          Write CMOS
cmos read           Read CMOS address
memtest             Test memory.
f                   Fill contents of memory.
e                   Modify contents of memory.
d                   Dump memory.
binfile             Read/Write binary files to/from memory.
outl                write I/O port
outw                write I/O port
outb                write I/O port
inl                 read I/O port
inw                 read I/O port
inb                 read I/O port
pciwrite            write PCI config
outcfg              write PCI config
pciread             read PCI config
incfg               read PCI config
cfgdump             dump all registers on a PCI function
memerrinject        Inject UECC and CECC memory errors if the CPU supports it.

smap                Get and print the BIOS SMAP settings.

save                Save a region of memory to a remote file via TFTP
show smbios         Dump the SMBIOS
show mptable        Dump the MP table
show pci            Display information about PCI buses and devices
mod execute         Load and execute a LOADER image


For more information about a command, enter 'help command-name'

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