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What are the mNode REST API end points?

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Applies to

  • NetApp Element software
  • Management node (mNode)


  • https://[MVIP]/auth/ui/swagger/index.html
    • mNode configuration
  • https://[mnodeip]/mnode
    • GET logs
    • GET assets - List of assets
    • GET services - List of container services 
    • GET settings - FQDN and proxy information
    • GET about - MS version, IP, Element version, token URL
  • https://[mnodeip]/inventory/1
    • GET installations - Get a list of installations (parent ID)
    • GET installations/{id} - Get details on the inventory of the parent ID and refresh inventory after asset POST/PUT/DELETE tasks
    • GET installations/{id}/compute/upgrades - upgradeStatus current/available
    • GET installations/{id}/storage/upgrades - upgradeStatus upToDate/available
  • https://[mnodeip]/hardware/2/
    • no version 1 available as of 2.19
    • GET nodes/{hardware_id} - Get details for a hardware (BMC) asset
    • GET nodes/{hardware_id}/bmc - Check connectivity with a hardware asset
    • GET nodes/{hardware_id}/bmc-logs - BMC logs
  • https://[mnodeip]/storage/1
    • GET {storageID}/info - Detailed info about the storage cluster and nodes
    • GET health-checks - Returns health check reports (running and completed_
    • GET clusters - Returns storage clusters in inventory
    • PUT storage-support/upgrade-reset - Reset storage upgrade
    • GET clusters/chech-auth-container - Checks auth container for configuration issues
  • https://[mnodeip]/grafana
  • https://[mnodeip]/task-monitor/1
    • GET tasks - Returns active and completed tasks
    • DELETE tasks/{taskID} - Remove specific task
  • https://[mnodeip]/vcenter/1
    • GET compute/{controller_id} - Get detailed inventory from a given vCenter
    • GET compute/{controller_id}/clusters/{cluster_id} - Get details about a given host cluster
    • POST compute/{controller_id}/health-checks - Run all health checks on a provided host cluster and compute nodes
    • PUT compute/{controller_id}/nodes/{node_id} - Put a compute node into maintenance mode
    • GET compute/controllers - Get a list of vCenters in inventory
    • PUT compute/controllers/{controller_id} - Update a controller
    • GET compute/controllers/{controller_id}/status - Get the connection status of a controller
  • https://[mnodeip]/package-repository/1
    • GET packages - Get a list of available packages
    • POST packages/{id}/pull - Download a specific package
    • GET packages/remote-repository/connection - Check connection with the NetApp repository
  • https://[mnodeip]/logs/1
    • DELETE​ /bundle - Delete existing support bundle and cancel any support bundle generation
    • GET​ /bundle - Get support bundle information 
    • POST​ /bundle - Request that a new support bundle be generated with the provided options
    • GET​ /bundle​/options - Get support bundle request form configuration for dynamically rendering in the UI

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