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What is the veto behavior after -auto-giveback-override-vetoes parameter is deprecated?

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Applies to

ONTAP 9.2 or later


It behaves as config value false.

Additional Information

This optionally specifies whether long-running operations (for instance, NDMP dump/restoration, volume verification, etc.) are terminated and partner veto votes are overriden when an automatic giveback operation is initiated.
When this option is set to false, the automatic giveback operation is deferred until the long-running operations have completed and will also take into consideration partner veto votes.
The default setting is false .
  • To do giveback with override vetoes, storage failover giveback -override-votes true command continues to be supported.
ontap910::*> storage failover giveback ?
{ [-ofnode] <nodename> Node to which Control is Givenback
| -fromnode <nodename> } Node Initiating Giveback
[[-require-partner-waiting] {true|false}] *Require Partner in Waiting (default: true)
[ -override-vetoes [true] ] Override All Vetoes (default: false) <------------
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