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What are the differences between boot_ontap maint and boot_diags?

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While both toolsets are similar, they run two different kernels each meant to perform a certain subset of tasks

Command What it should be used for
boot_ontap maint
  • Same as running option '5' from boot menu
  • Meant for running maintenance mode only configuration change commands, such as 'ha-config modify' or 'ucadmin modify' or 'disk reassign'. Any maintenance command that writes a new configuration should be run from this kernel
  • To run 'sldiags', our built-in hardware testing software for FRU devices after replacement in the field
  • Can be used to run 'show' commands in maintenance mode, prior to issuing the 'sldiags' command
    • 'ucadmin show', 'storage show disk -p', 'disk show', etc...
  • Should not be in conjunction with any commands that modify the node configuration in maintenance mode

Additional Information

On FAS8300/AFF-A400 systems, the diagnostics menu appears first, so use "boot_ontap maint" to enter maintenance mode.


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