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FAQ: Quota usage

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Quota
  • Qtree
  • FlexVolume


Can you use Quota on volumes?

Quota’s can be set by Qtrees, users or groups, but not by volumes. You can set a default Qtree Quota on the volume, but that just results in derived Quotas for the Qtrees. If you have a user or group quota on a volume, you can see the usage when looking at the volume level and at the individual qtrees.

Quota report on FlexGroup volume displays 0% - is it by design or is something wrong?

This is indeed by design. When looking at the volume level we don’t expect to see the usage for the tree quotas.

What does “Starting with ONTAP 9.5, you can enforce limits on quota rules that are applied to FlexGroup volumes" mean?

Prior to ONTAP 9.5 it was possible to create quota rules but the limits were not enforced. Exceeding the limits would trigger warnings, but would not stop the users from further exceeding them. These limits are set by rules that apply to a target: user, group or tree.

Quota rules is always specific to a volume, but the rule can’t have the whole volume as its target. Quota rules for a volume can be applied to targets in that volume: Users, groups or Qtrees.

Quotas for FlexGroup volumes work a bit different from FlexVol volumes due to the special nature of FlexGroup volumes. For more information, please see Using quotas for FlexGroup volumes


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