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Are transitioned volumes support large volumes and files?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.12.1P2+
  • Large Volume Support  
  • Large File Support 
  • Large LUN support 
  • Transitioned volumes



  • ONTAP 9.12.1P2 and above introduced support for 300TB Flexible volumes and FlexGroup members. The maximum file/LUN size supported is also increased from 16TB to 128TB. 
  • If a volume is previously transitioned from 7-Mode system,  that volume also supports maximum volume size of 300TB and file/LUN size of 128TB. 
    • For a transitioned volume the volume level setting "filesys-size-fixed" will be set to 'true' .  Modify this setting to 'false' to increase the volume size. 

sj-clus-01::> volume modify -volume datavol -filesys-size-fixed false
Volume modify successful on volume datavol of Vserver svm1.


  • Upon upgrading the ONTAP version 9.12.1P2 or above, volume modify can be used to resize the volume larger than 100TB and/or automatically supports files and LUNs larger than 16TB. 

sj-clus-01::> volume modify -volume datavol -size 200t

Warning: Either the specified volume size or maximum autosize is larger than 100 TB or you are setting is-large-size-enabled flag to true. This will result in the volume supporting larger size limits. The new limit on the size of the volume will be 300TB. The limit on the size of a file or LUN will be 128TB. If this volume will become the source of a SnapMirror relationship, creation of SnapMirror or FlexCache relationships is only supported with volumes that reside in clusters with an effective cluster version of 9.12.1 or later, because of incompatible size limits. Revert of the cluster to an earlier version is not supported when a volume supports larger size limits. All volumes must be 100 TB or less, have all files be 16TB or less, and have larger size limit support disabled prior to revert.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Volume modify successful on volume datavol of Vserver svm1.

sj-clus-01::> volume show datavol -fields size,is-large-size-enabled
vserver volume   size  is-large-size-enabled
------- -------- ----- ---------------------
svm1    datavol 200TB true


  • The same transitioned  Flexible volume can also be converted to FlexGroup. 

sj-clus-01::> set advanced
sj-clus-01::*> volume conversion start -volume datavol -foreground true

Warning: * After the volume is converted to a FlexGroup, it will not be possible to change it back to a flexible volume.
         * Converting flexible volume "datavol" in Vserver "svm1" to a FlexGroup will cause the state of all Snapshot copies from the volume to be set to "pre-conversion". Pre-conversion Snapshot copies cannot be restored.
         * The volume is nearly out of available space. Converting this volume to a FlexGroup might lead to "No space left on device" errors.
         * Converting the volume to a FlexGroup will not add additional resources for capacity. After converting, use the "volume expand" command to add resources.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
[Job 94] Job succeeded: success

sj-clus-01::*> volume show datavol -fields size,is-flexgroup
vserver volume   size  is-flexgroup
------- -------- ----- ------------
svm1    datavol   200TB true



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