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Why does the AFF-A800 show as Single-Path HA?

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  • An AFF-A800 system will show as Single-Path HA in sysconfig -a:
NetApp Release 9.7P4: Fri May 22 20:45:51 EDT 2020
System ID: 0123456789 (aff-a800-01); partner ID: 0123456780 (aff-a800-02)
System Serial Number: 952016000226 (aff-a800-01)
System Rev: C3
System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA
System ACP Connectivity: Inband Active
SAS2/SAS3 Mixed Stack Support: all
All-Flash Optimized: true
Capacity Optimized: false
All SAN Array: false
Backplane Part Number: 1A21RNK00+A0
Backplane Serial Number: SHFGB00000000
slot 0: Virtual NVMe Host Adapter 0n
0    : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502096)
1    : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502044)
2    : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502050)
45   : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502046)
46   : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502043)
47   : NETAPP   X4014S173315TNTE NA50 14651.0GB 4160B/sect (S60SNE0N502045)
Shelf 0: FS4483PSM3E  Firmware rev. PSM3E A: 0120  PSM3E B: 0120
  • This is normal and due to the design of the system that utilizes a direct connection to the motherboard for the NVMe SSD devices installed in the internal shelf. 
  • As such, there is no discrete Host Bus Adapter (HBA) with multiple ports required.
  • If an external shelf is connected to the on-board SAS ports, then the system will show as Multi-Path HA.


Additional Information

  • Note that the only supported external shelves to the AFF-A800 are:
    • DS224C
    • NS224
    • DS2246 that has been upgraded with IOM12 shelf modules.


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