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When does DS4246 need four PSUs

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Applies to

  • DS4243
  • DS4246


  • When using SSD or 7.2k disks, 2 PSUs + 2 slot blanks are required.
  • When using 10k or 15k disks, 4 PSUs are required.

Additional Information

ReferInstallation and Service Guide For DS4243, DS2246, DS4486, and DS4246in Page 44.
Number of power supplies shipped in a DS4243 disk shelf
The type of the disk drives used in DS4243 disk shelves determines the number of power suppliesrequired to ensure proper cooling, airflow, and power.
• DS4243 disk shelves that have solid-state disks (SSDs), or disk drives that are slower than10,000 RPM, require two power supplies and two power supply blanks to fill the four powersupply bays in the disk shelf.These disk shelves require two power outlets.
• DS4243 disk shelves that have disk drives that are 10,000 RPM or faster—typically SAS diskdrives—require four power supplies in the disk shelf.These disk shelves require four power outlets.
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