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NS224 shelf not showing multipath with correct cabling

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Applies to

  • AFF A800
  • AFF A400
  • NS224
  • X1148A


An AFF A400 and NS224 shelf is cabled correctly per the documentation (see additional information), but is not showing as MPHA when using the X1148A adapter:

Sysconfig -a
Storage Configuration
NetApp Release 9.7P6: Tue Jul 28 00:08:29 EDT 2020
	System ID: 0538144493 (netapp-aff400-1); partner ID: 0538143738 (netapp-aff400-2)
	System Serial Number: 722016000198 (netapp-aff400-1)
	System Rev: B1
	System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA
Ports are online
  • You can see the e5a/e5b ports on the X1148A linked up, but cannot see the disks behind them:
slot 5: 40G/100G Ethernet Controller CX5
		e5a MAC Address:    xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (auto-100g_cr4-fd-up)
		e5b MAC Address:    xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (auto-100g_cr4-fd-up)
		Device Type:        CX5 PSID(NAP0000001002)
		Firmware Version:   16.25.1020
		Part Number:        MCX516A-CCAT_C21
		Hardware Revision:  A2
		Serial Number:      MT1111111111
 Storage port show
  •   Verify if the non-dedicated ports in the HA pair are configured for storage use. storage port show
ONTAP 9.6 and 9.7
  • If your HA pair is running ONTAP 9.6 or 9.7, the non-dedicated ports, which display false in the Is Dedicated? column, also display disabled in the State column.
::> storage port show -node node1 -port-type ENET                                    
                              Speed                            VLAN Is
Node               Port Type  (Gb/s) State           Status      ID Dedicated?
------------------ ---- ----- ------ --------------- --------- ---- ----------
                   e5a  ENET     100 disabled        online    -    false
                   e5b  ENET     100 disabled         online    -   false
2 entries were displayed.


  • If your HA pair is running ONTAP 9.8 or later, the non-dedicated ports display network in the Mode column.

:*> storage port show -node node1 -port-type ENET
                                      Speed                     VLAN
Node               Port Type  Mode    (Gb/s) State    Status      ID
------------------ ---- ----- ------- ------ -------- --------- ----
                   e5b  ENET  network    100 enabled  online      -
                   e5c  ENET  network    100 enabled  online      -

2 entries were displayed.


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