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Alerts "" triggered in ActiveIQ

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FlexGroup Volumes
  • Active IQ


  • The following alert is reported from Active IQ Unified Manager:

FlexGroup Constituents Have Space Issues (State: New)
A risk was generated by netapp-activeiq.paloaltonetworks.local that requires your attention.

Risk          - FlexGroup Constituents Have Space Issues
Impact Area   - Capacity
Severity      - Error
State         - New
Source        - svm1:/FlexGroup1
Cluster Name  - Cluster1
Cluster FQDN  - svm_mgmt.domain.local
Trigger Condition - This FlexGroup has constituents with space issues.
Description   - FlexGroup constituents have space issues    

  • One FlexGroup constituent is 96% used and growing, while all other constituents are filled by more or less 80%:
cluster::> vol show -is-constituent true
Vserver   Volume      Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
Vserver_name  vol_name1 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    774.5GB   84%
Vserver_name  vol_name2 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    808.1GB   83%
Vserver_name  vol_name3 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    819.1GB   83%
Vserver_name  vol_name4 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    842.6GB   82%
Vserver_name  vol_name5 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    535.6GB   88%
Vserver_name  vol_name6 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    759.9GB   84%
Vserver_name  vol_name7 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    783.0GB   83%
Vserver_name  vol_name8 aggr_name online         RW       5TB    175.4GB   96%
  • The following events are reported in EMS logs:
[Node-01: wafl_spcd_main: monitor.volume.nearlyFull:error]: Volume FlexGroup1__0004@vserver:102XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXX1234d is nearly full (using or reserving 95%% of space and 0%% of inodes).
[Node-01: FgGroupListTimer:]: Constituent 1240 in FlexGroup FlexGroup1 (fg-uuid de755513-756f-11eb-9fa2-d039ea152399) is nearly out of space.


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