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Is it safe to detach an ISO image on my ONTAP Select host?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP Select
  • VMware ESXi
  • ISO


  • During the deployment of ONTAP Select, an ISO file containing the configuration information for the node may be used.
  • This ISO file can be mounted for the purpose of building and configuring instances of ONTAP Select.
  • It is possible to safely disconnect the ISO image from vCenter while ONTAP Select is running.
  • This is because the ISO file is not actively used while ONTAP Select is operational.
  • Once the build is complete and the system is running normally, the ISO file is not needed for daily operations, and it can be unmounted and deleted without issues.
  • However, please consider the following points:
    • Backup: Before deleting the ISO file, it is recommended to take a backup for future use or for recovery in case of emergencies.
    • Future Upgrades and Maintenance: The ISO file may be needed again for future upgrades or maintenance of the ONTAP Select system.
    • Therefore, consider storing the ISO file in a safe location.
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