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Host Initiators not logged in to NetApp cluster using some of the paths

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FCP
  • SAN
  • VMware ESXi 


  • Host initiators are zoned, but not logged into NetApp resulting in path mismatch on host end.
  • The lifs and physical ports are up and online on NetApp end, the same can be verified using fcp adapter show and net int show command.
  • SFP tx and rx power are in optimal range on storage end.
  • Some of the ESXi host initiators are not logged in to all the target LIF. fcp initiator.xml log shows the host not logged in using the lifs of all the nodes of the cluster.
  • There are other unaffected hosts logged in to the same NetApp ports using the same lifs.
  •  Every time there is a host reboot, we are seeing some or the other paths as missing. This tells me that post reboot the host is unable to initiate the session back to storage.
  • vserver fcp ping-igroup show shows zone-info-not-available for some of the paths.

fcp ping-igroup show -vserver abc -igroup xyz -check-fabric true

AFF250::> vserver fcp ping-igroup show
          Igroup                     Logical    Node      Ping     Extended
Vserver   Name        WWPN           Interface  Name      Status   Status
--------- ----------- -------------- ---------- --------- -------- -----------
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-01_fc_lif_1 AFFA250-01 reachable wwpn-logged-in
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-01_fc_lif_2 AFFA250-01 reachable wwpn-logged-in
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-01_fc_lif_3 AFFA250-01 not-zoned -
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-01_fc_lif_4 AFFA250-01 not-zoned -
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-02_fc_lif_1 AFFA250-02 zone-info-not-available -
          ESX01 10:00:00:10:9b:xx:xx:dc AFFA250-02_fc_lif_2 AFFA250-02 reachable wwpn-logged-in

  • On switch end , both host and storage ports are logged in as FC4 type under nsshow log output.

N    685546;      3;10:00:00:10:9b:cc:xy:xx;20:00:00:10:9b:cc:yy:xx; 0x00000003
    SCR: Fabric-Detected Nx-Port-Detected
    FC4s: FCP FC-NVMe
    PortSymb: [34] "Emulex PPN-10:00:00:10:9b:cc:ab:xx"
    NodeSymb: [94] "Emulex LPm32002-D FV14.0.539.26 DV14.0.622.0 OS:VMware ESXi 7.0.3"
    Fabric Port Name: 20:55:88:94:71:a2:88:xx
    Permanent Port Name: 20:11:d8:1f:cc:69:75:xx
    Device type: NPIV Initiator
    Port Index: 85
    Redirect: No
    Partial: No
    LSAN: No
    Slow Drain Device: No
    Device link speed: 32G
    Connected through AG: Yes
    Real device behind AG: Yes
    FCoE: No
    Connected through FC-LAG: No
    FC4 Features [FCP]: Initiator
    FC4 Features [FC-NVMe]: Initiator

N    68fb41;      3;20:07:00:a0:98:f3:yy:xy;20:08:00:a0:98:f3:xx:xx; 0x00000003
    SCR: Fabric-Detected Nx-Port-Detected
    FC4s: FCP Application-Services
    PortSymb: [63] "NetApp FC Target Port (LPe16000) VVMxxx_DATA_SVM:lif"
    NodeSymb: [34] "NetApp Vserver SVM"
    Fabric Port Name: 20:fb:88:94:71:a2:88:ab
    Permanent Port Name: 50:0a:09:81:80:61:fa:aa
    Device type: NPIV Target
    Port Index: 251
    Redirect: No
    Partial: No
    LSAN: No
    Slow Drain Device: No
    Device link speed: 16G
    Connected through AG: No
    Real device behind AG: No
    FCoE: No
    Connected through FC-LAG: No
    FC4 Features [FCP]: Target


  • Ensure the correct ONTAP cli context to prevent false possitive output fcp ping-initiator.


  • Below steps need to be implemeted to siolate the issue further:
  • Rescan storage adapters ( # esxcli storage core adapter rescan -A vmhbaX )
  • Toggle the switch port connected to host initiator and verify, This can be done using portdisable command on Brocade switch and shutdown command on Cisco switch.
  • Reset the Host HBA on VMware (# esxcli storage san fc reset -A vmhbaX )
  •  Reset the LIFs on NetApp end using below command:
NOTE : If the storage LIFs are zoned with any other hosts, ensure those hosts have proper redundant paths and multipathing configured. 

::> net int modify -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name> -status-admin down
::> net int modify -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name> -status-admin up

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