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What does "acp.command.connect" message mean?

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  • ONTAP 9.1P20


  • The "acp.command.connect" message means that the Alternate Control Path (ACP) encounters a connection issue.


[xxx@xxx:acp.command.connect:debug]: Could not establish connection with

The corrective action is to verify the ACP connectivity.

  • This message is reported at the debug level and does not affect SAS data transfer.
  • To confirm which module is using the <IP_address of ACP>, execute "storage shelf acp module show -instance" command.


Culster::> storage shelf acp module show -instance

                        Node: fas8080-dal-1
                 Module Name: 1.2.B
                Adapter Name: 0b
                 MAC Address: 00:a0:98:20:51:72
                    IOM Type: iom6
         Shelf Serial Number: 9401812119
                  IP Address:
            Protocol Version:
            Firmware Version: 02.10
                 Assigner ID: 536940649
                       State: active
                Last Contact: 556
           Power Cycle Count: 0
             Power Off Count: 0
              Power On Count: 0
        Expander Reset Count: 0
  Expander Power Cycle Count: 0

  • This message can be suppressed by disabling ACP by executing "storage shelf acp configure -is-enabled false" command.

The default value of "-is-enabled" is true.

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