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Unable to perform vol move operation on FlexGroup constituents

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FlexGroup


  • Volume move of FlexGroup constituents hangs at 98% with message “Replication encountered an unknown error. Filesystem error. (Flex volume size too big.)”
  • Size of the constituent volumes are 100TB and the used percentage is above 95%.
  • We see the below event in EMS

[Cluster: mgwd: mgmtgwd.jobmgr.jobcomplete.failure:info]: Job "Volume Move" [id 190330] (Move "Volume1" in Vserver "vserver1" to aggregate "aggr1") completed unsuccessfully: Cannot move volume "Volume1" in Vserver "vserver1" to destination aggregate "aggr2". The aggregate - or the node that owns the aggregate - does not support a feature that is required by the source volume. Creating volume: Invalid input: Request to create volume failed because the given volume size is greater than the maximum size. Select a size of at most 100TB for the new volume.

  • Elastic sizing is enabled on the FlexGroup constituent volumes thus whenever the volume size is reduced, after sometime the volume automatically gets resized to 100TB.

[Cluster: wafl_spcd_main: monitor.volume.full:debug]: Volume Volume1@vserver:a5b96bfb-5a28-11e5-a16d-00a0985edf60 is full (using or reserving 98% of space and 57% of inodes).
[Cluster: wafl_exempt05: wafl.spacemgmnt.policyChg:notice]: The space management policy for volume Volume1 has changed: autosize volume maximum size 106300440576KB.

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