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Remote Device ID not showing in 'network port' output

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Applies to

  • FAS systems
  • AFF systems


  • Remote device ID information not showing in network port show output, but the ports are online and CDP is enabled:
moab-cluster1::*> network port show -role cluster -fields remote-device-id
node             port remote-device-id
---------------- ---- -----------------------------
moab-cluster1-01 e0a  moab-cluster-sw1(FOC2345R15W)
moab-cluster1-01 e0b  moab-cluster-sw2(FOC2345R1BP)
moab-cluster1-01 e0c  moab-cluster-sw2(FOC2345R1BP)
moab-cluster1-01 e0d  moab-cluster-sw1(FOC2345R15W)
moab-cluster1-02 e0a  -
moab-cluster1-02 e0b  -
moab-cluster1-02 e0c  -
moab-cluster1-02 e0d  -
  • Port health information may also not report properly:
Node: moab-cluster1-02
                                                  Speed(Mbps) Health   Health
Port      IPspace      Broadcast Domain Link MTU  Admin/Oper  Status   Status
--------- ------------ ---------------- ---- ---- ----------- -------- ------
a0a       Default      -                up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
a0a-110   Default      FrontEnd         up   1500  auto/10000 -        -
a0a-160   Default      Corporate        up   1500  auto/10000 -        -
a0a-69    Default      Storage          up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
e0M       Default      Management       up   1500  auto/1000  -        -
e0a       Cluster      Cluster          up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
e0b       Cluster      Cluster          up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
e0c       Cluster      Cluster          up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
e0d       Cluster      Cluster          up   9000  auto/10000 -        -
  •  device-discovery show output reports the correct data:
moab-cluster1::*> net device-discovery show
  (network device-discovery show)
Node/       Local  Discovered
Protocol    Port   Device                    Interface         Platform
----------- ------ ------------------------- ----------------  ----------------
            e0M    A-Site-N9K1(FOX2111P8QL)  Ethernet101/1/7   N9K-C9504
            e0a    moab-cluster-sw1(FOC2345R15W)
                                             Ethernet1/1/3     N3K-C3132Q-V
            e0b    moab-cluster-sw2(FOC2345R1BP)
                                             Ethernet1/1/3     N3K-C3132Q-V
            e0c    moab-cluster-sw2(FOC2345R1BP)
                                             Ethernet1/1/4     N3K-C3132Q-V
            e0d    moab-cluster-sw1(FOC2345R15W)
                                             Ethernet1/1/4     N3K-C3132Q-V


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