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Node missing in cluster ring show and other commands

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Cluster ring show
  • Cluster peer show
  • Event log show


  • Certain commands do not display information from other nodes with no reported errors:

Example:  In a two node Cluster, cluster ring show is displaying only information from the local node. 

::> set advanced

::*> cluster ring show
Node      UnitName Epoch    DB Epoch DB Trnxs Master      Online
--------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ---------   ---------  
clusterA-02 mgmt    175      175      179688  clusterA-01 secondary
clusterA-02 vldb    178      178      117962  clusterA-01 secondary
clusterA-02 vifmgr  181      181      175488  clusterA-01 secondary
clusterA-02 bcomd   176      176      114     clusterA-01 secondary
clusterA-02 crs     170      170      662     clusterA-01 secondary
5 entries were displayed

::> date
Node        Date                     Time zone
---------   ------------------------ -------------------------
          Fri Jun 18 10:04:54 2021 Europe/Paris

  • Other commands show all the nodes part of the cluster:

::*> cluster show
Node                 Health  Eligibility  Epsilon      
-------------------- ------- ------------ ------------
clusterA-01          true    true         false
clusterA-02          true    true         false
2 entries were displayed.

  • "Time not synchronized" error messages can be seen in event log show

::> event log show
               Node             Severity      Event
------------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------
Error: The time does not appear to be synchronised across this cluster.

  • In some circumstances, all peered relationship are in pending status:

::*> cluster peer show
Peer Cluster Name         Cluster Serial Number Availability   Authentication
------------------------- --------------------- -------------- --------------
ClusterB                  1-80-042005           Pending        ok
ClusterC                  1-80-042003           Pending        ok
ClusterD                  1-80-042018           Pending        ok
3 entries were displayed.



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