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What is a Fabric Performance Impact Notification (FPIN) frame?

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Applies to

  • Brocade Switches
  • Cisco Switches
  • OnTap 9.10 and later


  • The FPIN (Fabric Performance Impact Notification) frame is a notification frame transmitted by a fabric port that notifies a given end device of a particular condition for another port in its zone. 

These conditions include:

  • Link integrity issues that are degrading performance
  • Dropped frame notifications
  • Congestion issues (both local and remote)

As a result, many port issues can be quickly diagnosed to a greater extent than before. This can also lead to various types of recovery actions.

A preliminary registration frame sequence is required from the end devices on the fabric, in order to indicate their support for this mechanism. 

  • Aside from versioning, no configuration actions are necessary on the NetApp storage device.
FPIN registration status, as it is displayed on the Brocade command line

brcdG620-fcs01:admin> fabricnotification --show -brief


  N_Port ID | Port Index | N_Port Name       | RDF | EDC | FPI |



  111901    |         25 | 20:08:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c |   Y |   Y |   - |

  111902    |         25 | 20:07:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c |   Y |   Y |   - |

  111903    |         25 | 20:06:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c |   Y |   Y |   - |

  111904    |         25 | 20:05:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c |   Y |   Y |   - |


  RDF : One or more diagnostic functions registered (e.g., FPIN)

  EDC : One or more diagnostic capabilities registered

  FPI : One or more Fabric Performance Impacts reported


FPIN registration status, as it is displayed on the Cisco command line

cisco9132t-lfcs01# show fpm registration summary



FCID     |     PWWN                | FPIN               | Congestion Signal

         |                         | Registrations      | Registrations


0x7d0502 | 20:09:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c | CPLD               |     --

0x7d0505 | 20:07:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c | CPLD               |     --

0x7d0507 | 20:05:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c | CPLD               |     --

0x7d050e | 20:08:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c | CPLD               |     --

0x7d0511 | 20:06:00:a0:98:af:8d:3c | CPLD               |     --


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