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EMS reports "fci.device.timeout"

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Applies to

  • MetroCluster FC
  • ATTO 7600N FibreBridge
  • ONTAP 9


  • EMS reports "fci.device.timeout".


Wed Jun 02 09:48:43 +0900 [node: slifc_timeout_3: fci.device.quiesce:debug]: Adapter 1d encountered a command timeout on Disk device PROD_FAB_1_SW3_D7:10.126 (0x0e070a00) LUN 10 cdb 0x28:4d2a22f8:0020 retry: 0 Quiescing the device.

Wed Jun 02 09:48:44 +0900 [node: slifc_timeout_3: fci.device.timeout:debug]: HBA 1d encountered a device timeout on Disk device PROD_FAB_1_SW3_D7:10.126 (0x0e070a00) LUN 10 cdb 0x28:4d2a22f8:0020 retry: 0

  • CRC errors are observed on the FibreBridge port connected to the switch PROD_FAB_1_SW3_D7:10.


1) Run "get FCPortErrors all" from the ATTO serial console.

get FCPortErrors all
; Fibre Channel Error Counts
; Port | Link Failures | Sync Loss | Signal Loss | Invalid Tx | Invalid CRC
   1               717    56806347             0           22          1888    <<<<< CRC errors on FC1
   2                 2         658             0          172             0


2) Or examining "STORAGE-BRIDGE" in ASUP:

Bridge: PROD_FAB_1_SW3_D7:10.126L0
Serial: FB7600NXXXXX
Vendor: ATTO
WWN:    2000001086ad9800
Model:  FibreBridge 7600N
Rev:    4.10

FC Port 2100001086ad9800:
State:              up
Speed:              16 Gb/s
Topology:           point-to-point
Link Failure Count: 717
Loss of Sync Count: 56804608
CRC Error Count:    1888
LIP Count:          0
Frames In:          3046326
Frames Out:         6137344743
SFP Vendor:         AVAGO
SFP Part Number:    AFBR-57G5MZ-ELX
SFP Serial Number:  AD1928G00PZ

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