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CRC errors received on single port

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Applies to

  • FAS2552
  • SFP-H10GB-CU3M direct attach copper (DAC) cable
  • Fabric Extender (FEX)
  • Cisco Nexus 5000 switch


  • Storage reports following message on an hourly level:

vifmgr.cluscheck.crcerrors: Port on node is reporting a high number of observed hardware errors, possibly CRC errors.

  • This is reflected in the output of the IFSTAT command as well:

Cluster::> system node run -node <node name> -command ifstat

-- interface e0d (18 days, 14 hours, 50 minutes, 56 seconds) --


Total frames: 924m | Frames/second: 575 | Total bytes: 3957g

Bytes/second: 2460k | Total errors: 8643k | Errors/minute: 322

Total discards: 0 | Discards/minute: 0 | Multi/broadcast: 8209k

Non-primary u/c: 0 | CRC errors: 8643k | Runt frames: 0

Long frames: 0 | Length errors: 394 | Alignment errors: 0

No buffer: 0 | Pause: 0 | Jumbo: 517m

Noproto: 0 | Bus overruns: 0 | LRO segments: 20631m

LRO bytes: 2573g | LRO6 segments: 0 | LRO6 bytes: 0

Bad UDP cksum: 0 | Bad UDP6 cksum: 0 | Bad TCP cksum: 0

Bad TCP6 cksum: 0 | Mcast v6 solicit: 0

  • When moving the cable from the FEX to the Nexus switch, the issue is still present.
  • When moving the cable from the same Nexus switch to a different storage side port, the issue follows.

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