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How do NetApp, NVIDIA, and Customers Collaborate for Switch Troubleshooting and Replacement?

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Applies to

  • NVIDIA Spectrum SN2100 switch with Cumulus OS purchased from NetApp
    • MSN2100-CB2FC, NetApp P/N: X190006-PE (Cluster Switch,NVIDIA SN2100,16PT 100G,PTSX)
    • MSN2100-CB2RC, NetApp P/N: X190006-PI (Cluster Switch,NVIDIA SN2100,16PT 100G,PSIN)
  • NVIDIA support contract with onsite parts replacement


NetApp offers the NVIDIA MSN2100-CB2FC (CB2RC) switch as part of select FAS, AFF, and MetroCluster solutions. If you encounter an issue with an NVIDIA switch, you can take advantage of NVIDIA's hardware and software support. NetApp will collaborate with you and NVIDIA to address and resolve the problem, provided that the issue is not solely attributable to NVIDIA. In cases where it is clear that the issue lies exclusively within NVIDIA's domain, it will be the responsibility of NVIDIA to address and resolve the matter. If in doubt, contact NetApp for issue triage.


NetApp Technical Support
  • Providing support for NetApp hardware and software
  • Performing initial triage of NVIDIA Cumulus software issues to rule out configuration problems
  • Offering assistance to raise a case with NVIDIA support
  • Offering advice as needed for the complete storage solution
  • Verifying cluster network health after switch replacement
  • Perform onsite troubleshooting and recovery actions recommended by NVIDIA support
  • If the switch is determined to be faulty, review the storage switch or cluster switch replacement process 
  • Back up the switch configuration
  • Schedule a change request
  • Inform NVIDIA remote support of onsite access requirements, providing grid, row, and rack location details
  • Provide NVIDIA customer engineer (CE) with desired Cumulus image downloaded from NVIDIA
  • Share any previous site customizations with the CE, such as switch name, admin user details, and IP address information
  • After the switch replacement, Download and install NetApp reference configuration file (RCF)
NVIDIA Support
  • Remote technical support and part return material authorization (RMA)
  • Onsite parts replacement by NVIDIA customer engineer
  • Install the same Cumulus image previously installed
  • Set up remote management using a customer-provided configuration
  • Before leaving the site, confirm the customer has remote access to the replacement switch

Additional Information

  • SupportEdge entitlement from NetApp does not extend to NVIDIA hardware and software suppport or onsite troubleshooting, as NVIDIA products are covered under their own distinct support agreements
  • NVIDIA support can be accessed via the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal
  • Call NVIDIA first for issues known to be switch-specific, such as password resets or clearly identified hardware failures
  • Call NetApp Technical Support if during the course of any NVIDIA engagement Cumulus version or configuration changes are recommended
  • NetApp Support Policies and Offerings - NVIDIA


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